The shareholders of Rebelle AB (publ) are hereby invited to an extraordinary general meeting on 16 September 2022

Rebelle AB (publ), 559328-4689, (“Rebelle” or the “Company”) holds an extraordinary general meeting on Friday 16 September 2022 at 10:00 at Gernandt & Danielsson Advokatbyrå, Hamngatan 2, 111 47 Stockholm, Sweden. The entrance and registration will open at 09:30.

The extraordinary general meeting is convened on the request of Vinted UAB (“Vinted”), which after declaring the public offer to the shareholders of the Company unconditional controls approximately 96.7 percent of all shares and votes in the Company. Furthermore, Vinted has informed that it intends to revert with proposals for items no. 7–8 in the proposed agenda in connection with the extraordinary general meeting, at the latest.


Shareholders who wish to participate and exercise their voting rights at the extraordinary general meeting must:

  • be entered as a shareholder in the share register kept by Euroclear Sweden AB on 8 September 2022 or, if the shares are registered in the name of a nominee, request that the nominee registers the shares in the shareholder’s own name for voting purposes in such time that the registration is completed by 12 September 2022; and
  • notify the Company on attendance no later than Monday 12 September 2022.

Notice on attendance may be sent by post to Rebelle AB (publ), Extraordinary general meeting 2022, Att: Carl-Axel Åfors, c/o Intertrust (Sweden) AB, Box 16285, 103 25 Stockholm, Sweden or by e-mail at Such notice of registration shall include the shareholders name, personal or corporate identity number (or similar), number of shares in the Company, address, daytime telephone number, as well as, if applicable, the number of accompanying advisors (no more than two).

If a shareholder intends to be represented by proxy, a proxy in original and other authorisation documents should be brought to the general meeting. If the authorisation was issued by a legal entity, a certified copy of the current certificate of registration for the legal entity or corresponding authorisation documents must be appended. Template proxy forms are available on the Company’s website If no period of validity is stated, the authorisation will be effective for no more than one year from the date of issue.

Please note that notice of attendance must be given even if a shareholder wishes to exercise its rights at the meeting through a proxy. A submitted proxy form does not count as a notice of attendance.

To facilitate the registration at the general meeting, proxy forms, certificates of registration and other documents of authority should be submitted to the Company no later than Monday 12 September 2022.


  1. Opening of the meeting
  2. Election of chairman of the meeting
  3. Preparation and approval of the voting register
  4. Approval of the agenda
  5. Election of one or two persons who shall approve the minutes
  6. Determination of whether the meeting has been duly convened
  7. Determination of the number of board members
  8. Election and removal of board members
  9. Determination of fees to the board members
  10. Closing of the meeting


Item 2: Election of chairman of the meeting

The Board of Directors proposes that the lawyer Fredrik Palm, or in his absence, any person appointed by him, is elected chairman of the meeting.

Item 9: Determination of fees to the board members

Vinted UAB proposes that no fees should be paid to the board members.


Shareholders’ right to request information

The board of directors and the managing director shall, if a shareholder so requests and the board of directors believes that it can be done without material harm to the Company, at the general meeting provide information regarding circumstances that may affect the assessment of an item on the agenda.

Available documents

Documents that shall be made available prior to the extraordinary general meeting pursuant to the Swedish Companies Act will be made available at the Company at c/o Intertrust (Sweden) AB, Box 162 85, SE-103 25 and at the Company’s website,, not later than two weeks prior to the extraordinary general meeting.

Processing of personal data

For information on how personal data is processed in connection with the general meeting, see the privacy notice on Euroclear Sweden AB’s website,

* * *

Stockholm in August 2022