REBELLE’s circular business model challenges the fast fashion industry as one of the most polluting in the world, being responsible for more than 4% of global greenhouse-gas emissions. By 2030, the fashion industry will need to cut its emissions by ~50% to meet the 1.5 degree pathway to mitigate climate change. 

New generations of buyers and sellers demand for a sustainable and circular approach of buying fashion. By reselling designer fashion, REBELLE is extending the lifecycle of garments and reducing the environmental pollution, saving water, energy and CO2. If the number of times a garment is worn were doubled on average, greenhouse gas emissions would be 44% lower. 

Further REBELLE has taken steps to lower emissions from its operations. REBELLE has subscribed to carbon offset shipping programmes for most of its outbound customer deliveries to offset emissions stemming from its logistics operations. The company uses recycled packaging for all its parcels and exclusively consumes electricity generated from renewable energy sources for all operations.

REBELLE received the Nasdaq Green Equity Designation which targets companies that have over 50 percent of their revenue deriving from business activities considered to be green. Nasdaq Green Designations support equity issuers on Nasdaq European markets with their green business models and strategies.

» Download the Cicero Report for Rebelle’s Green Designation here.